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  • iamhere360 iamhere360 Apr 1, 2013 1:41 AM Flag

    The more you bash, the more ignorant you are.

    BHRT secured the funding. The 10 K is not the end of the world. Why is your mouth so big and stinks like that? BHRT is making progress and on the right track for comeback. Hold your share strong and long, you will be rewarded.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • "Funding"? WHAT FUNDING you mental midget? WHERE? WHERE in the 10-K their LEGAL DOCUMENT is there one word about "funding"? They have FIVE THOUSAND in cash left you defect. "10-K is not the end of the world"? 10-K's are EVERYTHING in a public traded company- the ONE place you "might" get some truth from an audit firm, independent of the LYING, SCAMMING mgt. Notice how many RATS HAVE JUMPED SHIP in the past 6 months- leaving in DROVES. They've lost 3 director/board members. If this was so rosy and about to make BILLIONS for everyone- then why would everyone be bailing, including the supposed hack who "invented" this scam- the dude with NO medical background, experience or training? WHY, why would they be bailing out now? Maybe afraid of what's about to go down with the SEC when this all unravels- the self dealing shell corps like "Northstar, the fact that Bio-hazard doesn't even own any patents or anything of value at all- put is being pumped in phony PR releases as some vast, big "research" and development company- a FIVE PERSON group in a $5000 per month office suite- who's lease is UP IN ONE MONTH. Are you stupid, mentally challenged, on dope? All of the above? Nice new alias TommyFrinklebarry. Just keep creating them by the second, eh? This thing is going to be STACKED WITH SELL ON THE OPEN orders tomorrow- will be a penny by weeks end, if not sooner. BK filing when they can't pay the office rent. Simple as that.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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