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  • tmbersvge tmbersvge Apr 1, 2013 8:50 AM Flag


    Yhave no idea what you are talking about. I had both ankles that needed surgery. My left ankle had no cartilage left and the brevis peronious tendon was torn. My rehab would be 1 year with 6 months in a hard cast with no weight bearing and another 6 months in a soft cast. There would be no guarantee that an ankle fusion that was proposed would ever work. My right ankle also needed to be fused with the same 1 year recovery time. Instead of being laid up for 2 years and suffering through the surgery I had adipose stem cells injected into both ankles last July. Guess what! My my right ankle is 100 percent healed and my left ankle is 80 percent improved and getting better everyday. There was no cast nor crutches. I walked out of the clinic. Now instead of being in constant pain and not even being able to sleep at night much less being able to walk normally I am almost back to my old self. So tell me stem cells don't work.

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    • Really SCAMMER? WHERE? Not ONE FDA approved procedure or product on the planet? You went to some third cash and carry joint? How to you know you wouldn't of just healed w/o the so called "stem cell" treatment? Do you know any 3rd grade actual science? W/o a control to measure against- you don't know if you just healed on your own, or they could've shot a $10 bag of saline in you for $20 grand and you "think" you got a miracle. You ain't fooling anybody tommyboy, we know it's you. You've been asked several times in previous posts (you keep cutting n pasting the same "testimony") where you supposedly got this sham treatment- you've yet to put up any details. Where, how it was paid for, name of M.D. and hospital that did it, etc. We'll verify your supposed "facts".

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    • graysonbarnes Apr 1, 2013 9:12 AM Flag

      Way to go TM! Where did you have it done?

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