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  • marco_polo_iii marco_polo_iii Apr 1, 2013 12:30 PM Flag

    Its amazing how Freedom of Speech works for some, but is Blocked by Haters!

    Wont let me post What i want to say. Ok Bashers, the law is coming.

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    • Blah, blah, blah, blah. "Law" coming for WHAT you genius? For discussing a HORRIBLE 10-K that some company slipped out on people in the middle of the night basically on a long holiday weekend? You are OCD obsessed with "bashers" and "hater" and every stupid non-term in the book. We can discuss whatever we want about this stock and all the facts they HIDE about their company. THREE people in a rented office suite in Florida with what we now know has a lease EXPIRING IN ONE MONTH and about $5K cash in the bank- yet they're blasting out PR's every other day about being some vast, "medical" "company" conducting supposed FDA "trials" and "research" and blah, blah, blah. Pretty amazing stuff for THREE PEOPLE with $5 thousand bucks split between the 3 of um, eh? Really stunning. We know who you are- you run a bad web site who's address is listed in BELIZE of all places. You also "claim" to be a now 5% holder of BHRT shares and "claim" you will be listed so on their next 10-Q report. YOU better be worried little boy- that's called insider trading law as you also "claim" on your hack web site to be in personal contact with the BHRT company CEO via phone and email and be receiving personal communications and "updates" and other insider information- a MAJOR violation of SEC law. If BHRT were to sue anyone, or enter ANY lawsuit- they better put it out on a PR NOW, else they are in violation of disclosure laws of public traded entity. YOU, just blabber on- it's great entertainment. Oh, and we've logged all your personal threats against people on this board. Everyone of them- including threats of physical harm and id theft among other things.

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