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  • vvvortex13 vvvortex13 Apr 1, 2013 2:39 PM Flag


    95%+ of the posts and replies here are horrible, scathing attacks by maybe 4 total posters, on the very few people that try to post objectively. Where is the moderation? I think maybe a moderator is involved in this bashing.

    I've tried to post a bunch of alternative viewpoints with objective, peer-reviewed links but somehow, they are rejected or don't appear. Links from respected organizations such as the American Association of Blood Banks, American Heart association, Society for Apheresis, etc...but they are rejected.

    Why is that topics with horrible titles and personal attacks on posters seem to always show up but others don't?

    Come on, Yahoo! You prefer posts by people with handles like pull_finger69, joe_dirts_brother, pizzonasparkplug, shrinkage_sucks to at least provide some knowledgeable, objective info?

    Post one objective topic, and you are ridiculed, and the mods seem to allow it. /boggle

    Of course, IF THIS POST MAKES IT ON THE BOARD, just about all of the above posters will call me stupid, can't read, cant write, uneducated, a shill, an alt., etc. Seriously, can an adult moderate this board?

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    • I think Mr.Pull_FInger69 and Mr. Joe_Dirt_Brother are same person.

    • So, posting FACTS, FACTS taken directly from the company's OWN 10-K and a VERY STERN WARNING from their OWN AUDIT FIRM- warning of TOTAL LOSS OF "COMMON" shareholder value- THAT to a mental midget like you is "bashing" and "horrible" and "scathing" and blah, blah, blah. EVERYTHING you people from the stemcell web site "claim" is "bashing" and "slander" etc is taken STRAIGHT FROM THE 10-K. Further, you are the ones who have openly THREATENED people on this board ranging from ID theft, to actual physical harm, to stalking us at our homes to "meet us" and suing us, etc, etc. You COUNTER ANYTHING in that 10-K with ONE, ONE material fact and we "might" listen. Other than that- you probably are one of the THREE total employees this "vast" "research" "cutting edge" medical "facility" that's in a lousy 4000 sq-ft office "suite" with NO LEASE in 30 days.

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      • 2 Replies to pull_finger69
      • Wow! You got all of that from my post? I don't work for BioHeart...I'm an anesthesiologist who has in interest in transfusion medicine and stem cell research. I've actually been to the meetings that BHRT's research have be presented (look up the 2012 American Association of Blood Banks annual meeting.) Have you actually been to any of the research presentations, or read any of the papers?

        You are cherry-picking the 10K for doom-and-gloom, while ignoring the positives. You are also making like the 10K is somehow an outlier, ignoring the fact that 10Ks from most biotech start-ups have the same language, including that from the accounting firms.

        Why do you hate this stock so much? From your posting times you must spend 8+ hours a day bashing the company, it's officers, it's supporters, its are you able to pay your rent/mortgage/food, unless you are somehow compensated for it?

        Notice...I don't ridicule your intelligence, education, reading ability, age, etc.

        Did they say they are a "vast" medical "facility," with thousands of people performing research? You are comparing a start-up with an innovative technology with big-pharma. You don't need a 50k sf building to have academic institutions and labs in various locations use your prospective cellular treatments in study patients. Most clinical trials are multi-center, because it's easier for patient enrollment.

        With respect to "Tijuana", most biotech research companies conduct clinical trials on foreign soil because it's cheaper to do so. In fact, as long as 50% of a trial is done in the US, the patient enrollments/results can be use towards FDA requirements. Why do you think a lot of the drugs/treatments are first approved in Europe, before being approved in the US? And why are drugs/therapies cheaper there?

        I don't know why I wasted my time replying to your drivel...but maybe others will look objectively and make decisions on that, rather than a narrow viewpoint.

      • Again the name calling, Mental Midget. Have a wonderful day Mr. Pull_Finger69. Not going to resort to calling you any names. I WIN.

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