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  • joe_dirts_brother joe_dirts_brother Apr 1, 2013 3:33 PM Flag

    Call the company number- there's not even a receptionist to answer phone

    You get an answering machine and the option to leave a msg or call the TWO employees who are not the CEO and they have area codes for their phone numbers not the same as the headquarters? Are they "working" from home? Anybody close to this place know if anyone ever even shows up there? They claim in some documents to have a "lab" there? Is it functional or staffed? No one seems to be able to show that they have any employees other than THREE. All you in "secret" and "private" communications with the CEO per your own claims- can you ask exactly who works at "headquarters", what they do each day, when they show up to work, etc? Would be nice for a shareholder to know. Also, how bout describing their "lab" facilities for us- show us some recent photos with dates to prove they even exist- just a nice thought. Answering machines and web sites are cheap- is this really a "business"? The audit firm sure has their own doubts? CEO claims he's in London and needs at least 24/48 hours to communicate with anyone- funny cause it's only 8 PM there now, and would be middle of day during half the trading and business day here in U.S.? Just questions that a public, stock company should be able to answer? Still would like to know who in the company is drafting these supposed FDA submittals such as the "compassionate use" documentation- I've seen it take a TEAM of pros months to write such a submission? WHO of the 3, one of which is the CEO, one is the CFO is doing all this work? Must be some worker to crank out hundreds of FDA, complex documents it takes to get such an approval? I find all this amazing- my opinion only of course.

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