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  • marco_polo_iii marco_polo_iii Apr 1, 2013 5:11 PM Flag

    Nothing more.

    You can say what you want. You can call me names or whatever you feel like. I said my peace with out calling people names. BHRT is not perfect, they have a lot of work to do. But i like them and ITS my choice. Have a good month everyone. I mean that for all of you.

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    • No sweat- I just for your sake, seriously- hope you don't have your life savings in it and only have money you "can afford to lose" as they say. If that's the case- consider it like a trip to Vegas. If you come back with nothing, but got out of it whatever turns you on- then best to you. My 2 cents- I wouldn't touch it and more importantly, my personal opinion is I think they dabble in things that harm people who are medically vulnerable- as in cash-and-carry treatments in the Tijuana place, notorious for taking people's life savings- when they're on death's door. That really, really rubs me wrong. The "treatments" these guys "claim" to possess simply do not pan out- their own 10-K says so and in fact cause serious, even fatal side effects. Thus, I wouldn't support what they are doing. I also think they are pumping a story full of half truths via a slick web site and lots of PR- when you dig into the 10-K it all comes unraveled- again my opinion from studying the documents-and backed up by their own audit firm's warnings. I don't like people getting "taken" and the sick being hurt- but if you are going in eyes full open- then let it ride.

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