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  • lonesome_polescatt lonesome_polescatt Apr 1, 2013 6:11 PM Flag Why is the market cap only $15 million?


    Something doesn't smell right. And don't tell me it's a conspiracy by paid bashers and shorts.

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    • $15 Million? It's heading below FIVE MILLION as of today- which is their outstanding debt. Value of the company per accounting 101 is assets (they have NONE, especially cash or liquidity) - liabilities (they have A LOT - as in at least $5 MILLION IMMEDIATE DEBT) = shareholder equity (which is basically NOTHING). That's about it in a nut shell of business/accounting 101. And you're correct- nothing to do with bashers and ESPECIALLY "shorts". There is ZERO "shorting" of a sub $5 stock, let alone a penny stock- unless you're some market maker boiler rm or hedge fund who has share inventory via some "death spiral" financing deal done with the company or similar. For Joe Q. Public- NO SUCH THING as being "Short" as penny stock, no way, no how. Would have to be a pro outfit or someone in on being granted shares by the company itself. There ya have it. And yes, the smell is BAD. B A D, bad. Stinky bad. This one is a SELL while there is still some fool on the bid to take the shares off your hands- at some point soon, you'll put a sell order in and good luck getting it filled- the liquidity will go to nil.

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