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  • lonesome_polescatt lonesome_polescatt Apr 1, 2013 9:09 PM Flag

    investorstemcell guy. This stock is a dog. 5 mil market cap. Don't pump it on icell.


    you will discredit the icell MB with your pumping.

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    • Did you see that guy today on his scam pumper site- he BOASTS openly that he's going to be soon a "5% shareholder in BHRT and that it will be printed in a company 10-Q". He then went on a massive rant about how he lives on Martha's Vineyard and has "hired" a "botique" (HIS WORDS) law firm that he uses and is coming after people on the yahoo stock boards for all sorts of supposed crimes against him and his stupid stem cell bad web site. The dude was on a major rant all day- at least until you open too many posts- then he asks for you to PAY, PAY to join his stupid pumper site. Funniest stuff I've ever read- he's got a photo of supposedly himself in some car with a big ole cigar in his mouth- and lists "Martha's Vineyard" about a 100 times- yet the site is listed on the disclosure page as being in BELIZE, that's a few THOUSAND miles from Martha's Vineyard. It's really weird too- cause the dude talks like he's in some personal relationship and gets all this inside information from the CEO of BHRT. This thing has stink all over it- boiler rm, pump n dump stinko-rama. My opinion based on the 10-K and the stemcell bad site, the CEO blog, the BHRT out of date web site- that seems to have 4 and 5 yrs old info on it- oh, except taking down all the people that have suddenly "retired" from the company as directors, founders, sr. mgt, etc.

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