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  • joe_dirts_brother joe_dirts_brother Apr 1, 2013 10:51 PM Flag

    j_g, here's what icell dude posted today- it's a crack up

    Quote from icell: "My in-box was full up this am from iCELL members advising me of numerous assaults on my character and Investor Stemcell . After reviewing with my attorney this am he is of the opinion you have successfully crossed the line of libel, slander and defamation. This is not something to proud of, but Congrats Anyway!
    Larkosh and Jackson LLP a small boutique law firm I have used for the better part of two decades will be assisting me in this matter. Attorney Larkosh also believes that a criminal intent to harm may have been said several times as such he has referred the matter to the Edgartown Police Department.
    Dan Larkosh is preparing to file a subpoena requesting personal information of user(s) engaged in such acts. I read that several of the Bashers (believe) a court order is required to secure personal information on Yahoo! Well that actually is not true. Google requires an order from a judge, but not Yahoo, MSN and AOL does NOT require a court order. How would I know that? I have dealt with your “kind” previous."

    NOTE- he "claims" his Attorney Larkosh is "preparing to file a subpoena"? EARTH TO WEB SITE DUDE- attorneys DO NOT "file" subpoenas. They file LAWSUITS in a COURT OF LAW- then, if there is a case as determined by a judge, DA, etc- the COURT ISSUES "subpoenas". The subpoena then has to be SERVED- as in wherever someone is- even out of state which costs ENORMOUS amounts of money. GOT IT? Good freaking almighty- the stupid stick hit again. Blowhard city. If you're going to make up BAD STORIES- at least read a few Grisham books or watch some CSI or something- and try and get "close" to a decent story, will ya? You're BORING US TO DEATH. Oh, and I'm certain the "Edgartown Police" just jumper in their patrol cars and sped off to find some yahoo msg board dude or drive across country to yahoo headquarters or to another State? Holy cow this guy has a wild imagination. WOW !! Am I not watching enough TV anymore, or bad video gaming?

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Calling all cars calling all cars. Be on the lookout for joe dirt and pull my finger. Last seen posting on the internet.

      But seriously I wouldn't call the police if I were him. The threats he posted as tomfrink482 could get him actual jail time. If he lied to police and said he wasn't tomfrink482, and it came out in court that he was, he would get hit with charges of lying to police as well as making violent threats.

      So then again I hope he does call police. That would be very entertaining to watch.

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