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  • joe_dirts_brother joe_dirts_brother Apr 1, 2013 11:15 PM Flag

    Here's one of the icell owner's posts- claiming he was a former BHRT insider


    I will donate ALL my Shares I receive as a BOD of Director Compensation and the Proceeds from the sales of the BHRT shares will go to StemLogix for the treatment of and subsidizing of animals that need help but the owners can not afford it.

    sf= SUPERFEED, and he acknowledges on the site that HE RUNS/OWNS the pumper site stemcellresearch. So, he "claims" he's a former/and or present BOD of BHRT? WOW !! He DAILY claims to be "in contact" with Mike Tomas CEO. He DAILY pumps the stock and threatens lawsuits against ANY BEAR, ANY poster who is negative on the 10-K, etc. I'm going to find another post also- where he "claims" he will soon have 5% ownership and be listed on an soon to be released 10-Q official BHRT PR document and SEC filing. It's ALL THERE- his words, his web site. WOW. Talk about SEC law, boiler rm and Mike Tomas appears to be wrapped up in talking daily to these dudes- a former/current BOD member now running a stem cell stock pumping site, that CHARGES for membership. BAD, BAD, BAD- law suit territory- big time. CLASS ACTION SHAREHOLDERS alert. SEC letters going out.

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    • Here's the other post- I guess he's boasting that he's gonna own enough to be a BOD member at 4.99%, quote:
      "I hope Your right. The Principal of Stem Cell Media LLC at this point will end up on the 10Q in 2nd quarter as a 4.99% owner. You guys gonna vote for me as a Director for the BOD?

      I picked up a partial fill @ $0.0391 today...
      sf "
      Again sf = superfeed, self proclaimed owner of stemcellresearch and threatening to sue anyone on yahoo who speaks negatively of the BHRT 10-K and CEO makes a similar blog release on same day? WOW is all I can say.
      So, again- a guy who runs a clear PUMP, FOR PAY stock site, also claims to be in near daily conversation with the company CEO, claims to be getting personal phone calls and emails returned in a timely manner and hints at being told that "new" and "other" things are to come from said CEO- all while the stock pumper site owner is boasting of building a MAJOR position in the stock? Again, WOW. If Mike Tomas is really talking to this guy- it's BAD, trouble BAD.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • You cannot make this stuff up. If I could actually get a hold of Mike Tomas I would certainly ask about this. But I can't get a hold of Mike Tomas because he left the country. Mike what are you doing? Please tell me the owner of investorstemcell is not on your board! Please tell me you do not have daily conversations with this nut! just wow.

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