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  • chekker34 chekker34 Oct 3, 2009 1:58 AM Flag

    BX's "investments" look pathetic.

    The reason why i bought bx is that I thought they are smarter than me. But maybe I was foolishly too humble:

    I don't like the crap they are accumulating; mostly in controversial "sectors". Firstly, the many aborted deals and constant litigations don't show good foresight and analyses; the Hilton debacle and now theme-parks?? What next? - a Romanian circus? Maybe I am missing something here; perhabs those amusement parks are sitting on mineral-rich soil?

    I would like to see more investments in something more solid and substantial, with tangible assets, or at least concepts which show vision, like in the IT area.
    Maybe they got too much free cash and only come up with these frivolous areas.
    They are spread too thin and wide. Their thinking is too financially abstract and lack "industrial" knowledge, such as Warren Buffet.
    Their investment is "shotgun approach", many misses, few hits.

    I am holding long and hoping, but lost enthusiasm.
    What do you think???

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    • I hope you don't own the stock . I like BX

    • TYpo: "Retrace line is at $13.16" should be "Retrace line is at $13.19"

    • Exxon Mobil has agreed to acquire large stake in Ghana's Jubilee oil field from its private equity owners, paying about $4 billion, the Financial Times reported. It would generate about a five-times return for Blackstone Group (BX:$14.558,0$0.878,06.42%) and Warburg Pincus, which together invested $800 million in Kosmos Energy, owner of the Jubilee stake.

    • I agree, I like it at $31 myself! Let see if it will go back up in 2010 to the 30s!

    • i will echo some other people's post - they are for sure smater than you and that is an easy assumption. first off, goto their website. pull up the "the team" and look at where they all got their undergrad and masters - they ain't dummies " Mr. James graduated magna cum laude with a BA from Harvard College in 1973 and was a John Harvard Scholar. He earned an MBA with high distinction from the Harvard Business School and graduated as a Baker Scholar in 1975." now if you can TOP that resume - i have one simple and extremely smart question - why are you asking people on yahoo message boards for their advise? these message boards are full of quacks... let me say, i graduated w/a 2.8 in mathematics/business - so i am obviously a below average student (like most on this board...

      LASTLY - stephen s. took 200k a few years back to become the HIGHEST PAID CEO IN OUR NATION - yeah, he ain't the sharpest tool in the shead!!!!

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      • You mistaken opportunism, callousness and irresponsibility for "smart". From Enron to Lehman, Madoff and many others, you have been sodomized by your Havard-boys; yet you keep worshipping at their shrine?? Sounds pretty dump.
        Forget about me - some brilliant scientists, explorers, philosophers and engineers did not study at top schools to become extremely succsessful. And if you measure by income, Albert Einstein, i.e., was probably the dummest klutz on earth compared to Schwartzman.

        So, in other words, you are talking out of your assumptions!!! Get your compass fixed.

    • "Successful investing is equal parts, dd-technical skills-faith and a big spoon of luck."

      A bit of luck last night when Adami said buy. When I am long the stock it doesn't hurt. Unlucky is when someone on TV says sell.

      I think the stock is still cheap here with the yield and 92 cent eps estimate for next year.

    • With respect: you are stating the obvious. However:
      1.) "Faith" refers to ignorance and surrender to the unknown and I cannot see this as part of my investments.
      2.) DD still requires a competent, thorough and smart approach.
      Further, you overlooked *experience*, *discipline*, *patience* and *knowledge of people*.
      I mostly did badly when I had not full or the wrong info, was too greedy or too impatient and forgot to see other parts of the whole picture. I never lost money because of lack of "faith" - seriously.

      I great golfer once shot a hole-in-one. A friend congratulated him, but said: "you really were very lucky". The golfer replied: "maybe, but the harder I practice, the luckier I seem to get"!

      BESIDES luck and timing, investment involves numbers and deductions. (Even professional gamblers are usually very intelligent individuals).

      To say, good investment does not require smarts is just NOT SMART.
      All IMHO.

    • Well, there is no question, they are smarter than you. But, having owned these parks before, when I was a shareholder of HBJ, I must say, am not sure why they want to get into this business more than they already are. I figure they know what they are doing.

    • Im heavily invested with fig, im considering a stake in bx if this correction has legs and would start buying around 13. I also like bac around 15

    • I think the PE space will continue to grow. Fortress is in a stronger position now that they have issued shares but the BX balance sheet is debt free vs. FIG. I don't know much about the FIG potfolio. I do own FIG as well. It is faith based on management and the analyst estimates.

      These people have big egos and if you can survive on your own I do not see them merging. They wait for assets to be taken over when someone fails.

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