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  • jwsportland jwsportland Jan 26, 2010 3:34 PM Flag

    200 DMA

    We're right there at 12.50. 200 DMA is trending up; look for upside move to 14 near term.

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    • look for close above 14.10. if it does not hold, look to take profits.

    • No manipulation - it is lack of confidence. There is a lot of variables in it. People here do not know what new stupid statement will come from the White house, if the financial sector will be busted by idiotic decision makers, etc.

      Just imagine how the knowledgeable people we laughing this morning (I was also, around 11 when I heard it) when he Obie said that economy is in dramatic recovery after he just couple days ago said how everything is sooo bad.

      Then you have Greece and Portugal on the brink of financial collapse which could badly damage the Euro. This would make Dollar relatively stronger - and every time dollar is going up, the US Markets go down.

      Asia? China throttled-down the economy just last week. The Japanese were/are recovering after so many years and will quickly lose their confidence and determination. I have many friends in Japan and am feeling sorry for them.

      If the crisis becomes world-wide, we may see so new, serious war. And obama will have to return something he never earned, his Nobel Prize.

    • DOW had weak support around 10,100 but for now it is gone. Next Real support is at 9,918 which is old, 0% Fibonacci number which may not be valid anymore. I plotted it sometimes last fall. I should re-do the calculations as well.

    • do you think there is any manupulation going on?

    • I did the calculation by defining the ratio between DOW and BX drop decline rate for last 8 days. Then I used this ratio to determine where BX should be when DOW hits 10,000; and it was just one cent below my stop before I raised it today (just 10 minutes ago). Now the question is - leave this Stop where it is right now or move it down to trigger it after/when the 10,000 level gives up? I decided to keep this order as it is (it is only 1/3 of my shares) and I have the others below the crash point (below $12) already from last week. So my charts were talking to me clearly and the Stops are in a pretty much proper places.

    • The link does not tells much about Manjul; I will Google him some more. There are other contemporary artists who use the math. I do not think they need to do any calculations; many jazz groups did sway from the traditional 4/4, 3/4, 2/4 etc counting (rhythm) and evolved into much more complicated stuff, and Fibonacci would be natural and therefore subconscious. Listening to the drum, I realized I heard this stuff before. In the early 90s I visited S. Korea many times on business and would spent many Sundays in the area of Seoul University. There is small plaza with small amphitheater where one could watch and listen to young people do their (artistic) stuff. One other and to me beautiful thing - there would be bunches of classmates from different high high schools and they all would sit in large ring and each group would do singing in turn. It was great to watch and listen to. I would munch some street food and enjoy myself because I was alone with no minders or assistants around.

      But I discovered, around a corner of theater building group of four musicians who were playing 3 drums and a cymbal. It was so unusual and so raw! I sat there for a long time. And now thinking about it, it was Fib. stuff. I used this music in one of my videos and it did work very well. Got myself 2 CDs at a store back in Seoul.

    • Thanks

    • But the rad-daddies appluaded him. I did not hear much more then political speech with same words turned around. But I think our boys are comming back from Kabool and Badgad but between lines it sounded like they might go to Iraan. Listen to the speech again and see boys go to new place.

    • then I ever will!:

      ""It was a chest thumping would-be totalitarian in front of that podium saying “forget what the American want” and saying that he is not going to change directions.

      He was Hugo Chavez without the medals and invective.

      His diss of the SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the US) ruling will be remembered forever as the day a President declared himself King of America.

      I guess despite the ruling he will try to find a way to ban the books, films etc that he calls “feloniously political”. How dare the people think that they have a right to criticize their rulers!

      How dare they believe that they can pool their resources and buy ads condemning a candidate. What do these little peasants think they have a right to assemble? association? speech?....""

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