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  • raggingstockbull raggingstockbull Mar 7, 2007 4:10 PM Flag

    Watch this POS drop.

    Incompetent management, low census in buildings, poorly trained-uneducated staff, i can go on forever-believe me i know firsthand. There is no incentive for workers they are truly bottom feeders. If you don't believe me go to one and take a look.

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    • I tend to agree with you. As an ex Director for Brookdale something does not seem right with how the $$$ gets used. Our property was/is falling apart because the powers to be wouldn't put the money into fixing yet they could get 2.9 billion dollars to purchase new properties. Heat unit in the winter went. No heat for seniors?? Cooling tower for summer AC unit..broken for 3 years. Had to shut off AC in 100+ heat of the summer. Not good for seniors either. Building just falling apart and in talking with other directors they are having the same problems. Brookdale in my Opinion is doomed for failure.

    • Rags---Try not to confuse Imbecile with the facts... he doesn't want to hear them. All anyone needs to do is express any opinion different from his own and Imbecile immediately reacts-- sort of like Pavlov's Dog. All you've really managed to do is get his pink patties all wadded up and he�s probably close to tears by now. As you so eloquently pointed out in your impeccably punctuated posts, BKD is managed by incompetent buffoons, the staff are poorly trained, uneducated, lowlifes and the facilities are half empty dumps. Nevertheless, Imbecile isn't worried, the CPA report told him that everything is fine!

    • Geeez you stupid mother-fer

      Gee that aging population thing never hit me. Maybe i missed the boat?????? not

      I prefer to owm quest diag, resmed, beckton, stryker. Medical names for good companies that are profitable, and have high margins. I told you moron it is becoming a commodity prices will have to fall becuse of increased competition chasing the profit. It is a basic economic term of free markets. margins will be squeezed and only the strong will thrive and survive.

      Brookdale is bleeding money and in thier current situation they cannot be profitable. Dont believe me use history as a guide. Alterra was the leader years ago after several large acquisitions. and it fell in thier faces. If these two loosers couldnt make it 5-10 years ago with little to no competition and able to raise prices at will, what are they goona do now with heavy compition and preice decreases.

      And try and get ahead of the curve for once and try and look at home health care i beleive that this will be more of a growth market in the years to come. A good name in this market is AMED.

      And for the sake of looking stupid pls dont insult me again without doing some research. You obviously have little or no education, and probably work at taco bell. so get your shit together. I encourage others to participate and judge who makes the most sense?

    • Put a sock in it chump. Learn your topic before you try to discuss it.

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      • Listen fagbait; before you assume I don�t know my stuff you better get your facts straight. I have known BKD for over a decade in its other forms alterra, als, HH Etc.. I am just giving you the facts that are simple enough for someone like you who is uneducated to understand.

        Do yourself a favor and get an IBD on the weekend and start reading it religiously. That is where you can find the starting point for some real long-term financial gains and good investments. Then take some accounting and finance classes to understand balance sheets and ratios.

        Listen I am just stating what I know as an investor who has done well over time in the markets. Any company that bleeds money, and has no plan to turn profitable in the foreseeable future is doomed. The honeymoon is over for BKD they must start showing some profits. If they do this then I am wrong! If they continue to bleed watch this puppy fall.

        From where I stand after a decade in the business I see alterra all over again there are many signs. DE JAVU.

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