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  • michaelkosanovichkosanovich michaelkosanovichkosanovich May 23, 2013 12:09 PM Flag



    Go ahead..... say what you will about me. call me names if it pleases you. IF you knew anything about the mining business this happens more than you know! Too expensive to operate the mine.....RVM going even lower...... and DBTUNR,,,,STOP LYING ABOUT THE ROCK CREEK MINE GETTING APPROVAL SOON! NExt court date is later this year! they are YEARS AWAY! if at all getting court approval for that mine.....go ahead call me a terrorist again for stating the possibilty of permanent shutdown.

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    • The Rock Creek Mine has been in the permitting process for the past 29 years. Getting approval to open a mine is YEARS AWAY. The Rock Creek property shouldn't even be included in an investors thought processes when considering to buy or sell shares of RMV

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      • Rock Creek was abandoned for many of those years when silver was $4/oz and copper was 80c/lb. RVM has only been trying to get it going again for about 5 years on and off. They cleared a few hurdles in that time and the environmental groups have backed off. RVM pays for a forest Ranger and has put thousands of acres of forest land away for mitigation to Bull trout and Grizzly bears. Ironically, if RVM were to abandon RC, it would have an adverse effect on the wilderness as the Forest Ranger would be fired and the land would revert back to RVM.

        It should absolutely be evaluated when considering RVM.

        What's your angle and your boyfriends angle? Are you short? are you hoping to buy at 2c? are you just a doosh? what good is your lucky guess if you did not benefit from it?

    • the mine will NEVER be permanently shut down. It may be offline for 6 months. 1 year. 3 years. Heck it was offline for 20 years before coming back online.

      You know nothing. All you were doing was spewing lies and fear. You got "lucky". It could have went the other way. you didn't buy, you didn't short. So what good was all that "knowledge"?

      I was the only guy here at 5c a few years back. I made 10X on my investment. I might be the only guy here again at 5c again.

      As far as Rock Creek goes, there are various hurdles mines go through in their permitting process. Last time the company was at 5c was a few hurdles ago. the next hurdle does not mean mining starts either. If all the hurdles were checked off and mining started today, it would be 5 years before they saw any revenue. That does not mean there is no value to Rock Creek. Someone is always willing to buy mines in various states of the permitting process.

      As far as you being a pfhaggot, apparently I hit a nerve. Maybe I got "lucky"

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