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  • johnalterman johnalterman Feb 13, 2007 10:29 PM Flag

    Had it coming...

    It's always easy to say they should have fixed this or that, hindsite is always 2-/20, bottom line you made a slaes pitched and they did not buy your product which may or may not have helped, or maybe it's just no good. If you had such serious concerns you should have escalated this.

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    • Mr. Alterman must work at TJX.

      Better question: Why did TJX do nothing? They are responsible legally and to their investors to protect their company.

      A Sales person is an outsider, with no ability to make decisions.

      I've heard similar stories about TJX from many people in the IT community. TJX staffer is quoted as saying "We don't need security, we sell shoes, not missiles"

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      • I agree that TJX should have done something immediately, to allow this to fester regardless if the authorities asked them not to go public is ridiculous.

        However, to come back years later and say, Hah, I told you so is equally ridiculas. Would he have said this if it was his software that was purchased and went array. Hind sight is always 20/20 specially when you are in sales. Software is old and outdated in 6 months.

        It's just like looking at another retailer like Federated which has been sued on issues of race discrimination and lost and this is public records. I advised them of this many, many years ago and they are still at it. Show me any diversification in the VP ranks I'll send you $100.00.

        Once a retailer or anyone screws up you must act immediately, they did not, but they are now, Federated as an example is still discriminating day in day out.

        FYI, I'm a heavy investor in TJX, not an employee.

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