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  • kendog299 kendog299 Jun 19, 2002 3:25 PM Flag


    Can anyone tell me why the market panics when there's a terror attack over there and not here? I really don't see the tie-in. The call should be good tonight. I usually don't like to hold a position over-nite, but I am this time.
    Good luck all!

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    • This administration is riding the crest of the terror wave ! Everything, they touch, feel, talk and see is in the cotext of war, be it attacking Iraq or just saber rattling ! So the market's reaction is understandable. They will beat the war drums until the November election because they think that will give them an edge. THERE IS NO TALK AT ALL ABOUT THE ECONOMY IN ORDER TO GIVE COMFORT TO INVESTORS, OR ANY OTHER. Some, economists are talking further then a recession !!

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      • At the same time, The USA alone is spending BILLIONS of dollars on the technology that it takes to keep our kids safe. PERIOD... Not even mentioning the ton of money that NATO is spending to keep up their end...This war on terror has created a new breed of customers for the tech. companies....This new breed isn't afraid to spend millions on "widgets"...

        This new breed is composed of gov't officials world wide....sooner or later the tech companies have to disclose that.......

        ps... if you think that pc manufacturers use alot of chips in computers, how many chips go in sattelites, fighter jets, and submarines?

        Have a nice day.

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