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  • chethc chethc Jun 22, 2002 12:40 PM Flag

    Cramer recommends selling AMAT

    They should put a "muzzle" on this guy. One thing we should learn from the past two years is that the best of stock pickers (not necessarily including Cramer) have been wrong. If they happen to make an accurate "call," they will pounce on it, to show their "brilliance." About a half year back, on the Cavuto business show, Mr. C. was interviewing Mary Farrell and was praising this nice lady (my personal opinion) on how accurately, she "predicted" the crash of Nasdaq before it happened. During this interview, Mr. C asked for her best "picks," and without hesitation, she said JDS Uniphase was a "buy" at $23.00 a share-----JDSU, right now is trading around $2.90-$3.00 a share. My point is no one can accurately predict this market 100% of the time, which is run on hype, emotion, fear and greed." In the case of Miss Farrell, I distinguish between her and Cramer, who in my opinion is a "hype artist" and Miss Farrell, who is not and was giving an opinion without the hype----but as it turned out she was wrong on this one. As Louis Rukeyser has rightly said, countless times on his program and I quote, "there are no guarantees in this business."

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