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  • ployeeofamat ployeeofamat May 15, 2000 10:20 PM Flag

    Any reason why the runup?

    Why did the Naz run up the last :20 mins of trading? And why did AMAT gain 3+ points in the final :20? Anyone have any thoughts on why?

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    • to one MM, INCA, finally allowing the stock to go
      higher. They've been driving the price down for the past
      week. I don't know why, but anyone with Level II who
      has watched AMAT for that time has seen them
      continually refreshing the low Ask all day except for brief
      periods where they allow it to run a little

      And one more thing: I had dinner with a good friend
      of mine Saturday night who is the VP of Sales for a
      major litho manufacturer. They are not only sold out
      and can't ramp fast enough they have been polling
      every industry analyst for signs of a potential
      slowdown and can't get anyone to predict one before

      So just ignore the short term crap. What the bashers
      fail to realize is that not only is AMAT the #1 in
      many product areas they also have a world class
      demonstration wafer fab (which is unique among equipment
      manufacturers) that is going to continue to allow them to gain
      market share at the expense of the others during this up
      cycle. Add to that the 50% gross margins they reported
      this quarter and you have sure signs of continued
      incredible growth and earnings.

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      • If some of AMAT's production lines are sold out through the end of the year, wouldn't that mean that revenue from those sources will flatten? Capacity cannot be increased

      • INCA is Instinet, not a market maker. If Instinet is sitting on the bid or ask it's either an institution or a MM using Instinet to manipulate the price.

      • My analysis and recent review with some of the
        key people in semi industry has also convinced me the
        brighter days are ahead of us.
        My evaluation is there
        will be no cyclical nature anymore for semiconductor
        industry as it used to be due mainly because of increased
        applications as Morgan and other CEOs have repeatedly said. I
        am long as I have said before and have no plans to
        sell out.

        Whoever is manipulating the stock it
        has given tremendous opportunity for investors like
        us to increase our holdings in AMAT and like

        Last week when idiots dumped the semi
        related stocks I picked up LSI at 43, added more of AMAT
        at 77 to 81. I am hoping to an earlier financial
        goal with the help of these idiots.
        Thanks for
        sharing the semi info.

    • Are you kidding or just don't have time to read up on what is going on?

      In either case, the quick and easy answer to your question(s) is short covering. Plain and simple!!!

    • The run up will be more tomorrow as greenspan only goes 1/4 point!!!

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