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  • hageneriksson hageneriksson Dec 5, 2012 8:16 PM Flag

    Let's give them one last chance...

    as the company always overpromises and underdelivers. Cash down to about $60 mln and will go down further next quarter so they will have to keep their house in order pretty soon now.

    Personally I am as skeptic as the analysts as long as current management with its underwhelming track record is still in place.

    They will have to prove they can break even at the announced date but to restore the balance sheet they will have to show a decent amount of growth. Frankly I don't see this company compete successfully in its markets going forward. Would stay on the sidelines and watch how things play out.

    Remember also the company is mainly executing a cost savings plan while doing very little to actually GROW the business, so that's not exactly the strategy to win in a highly competitive market.

    If they miss their break even projections for next year with cash still bleeding this one might very well go the Trident way one or two years from now. Actually I don't see a liquidation value close to the current market cap.

    Perhaps the activist investors will step in again but I don't see them making a bid here.

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