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  • ontopofitall4u ontopofitall4u Sep 24, 2012 3:14 PM Flag

    I thought there was supposed to be some news from SYNM about lawsuit

    Seemed like a few people said they had to make a release by today. SYNM management seems to have their own rules and putting out info is not part of their program.

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    • An answer in law is not newsworthy lol. All it is, acknowledging facts and denying accusations.
      1. Syntroleum makes fuel from animal fats. Agree.
      2. Syntroleum infringed Neste's patent. Disagree.
      ... 10. Agree
      ... 25. Disagree
      Does this look like something to make a PR about? Have you ever seen a company make a PR about their answer to a lawsuit before? No, because it's boring and they are just agreeing or disagreeing with extremely basic statements and isn't informative at all.
      Lol they were just updating shareholders the status of the case which is basically over, why would a court award damages for a patent the USPTO doesn't recognize anymore?

    • just filing reply to day but i thought maybe a court hearing too. excript " Answer to Neste's First Amended Complaint regarding the '344 patent is due on Sep 24th, and co's Motion to Stay the district court action in view of the PTO reexamination proceedings is pending. Co has not infringed any of Neste's alleged patent rights and Syntroleum will continue to vigorously defend against the complaint's allegations. Co will also pursue invalidity of the '344 patent via the PTO reexamination proceedings, "