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  • jbell47us jbell47us Nov 12, 2012 3:54 PM Flag

    Only thing we havent heard so far is...

    how weak hands got flushed...or did if people who rode this down here were "weak"....or too old...or sumpin....folks know this by staring reeeeeallly hard at the screen...they can figure these things out...just like all the numbers........

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    • JBell I didn't let the team down and mentioned the weak hands bit in my "post conference call volume" tread.


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      • Nothin been around long enough...and i dont remember one single cross word from post away......besides, didnt remember where it was, and it doesnt matter...been reading that stuff for YEARS.....I spose we should be gratefull it was only i want to hear from all the folks who picked some other number besides 10 for the r/s ratio....i said it was gonna be 10 the minute they filed the thing...and at the rate theyre going, it wont be enough to get it over $5 which, they claimed was the reason for it....any puking to be done, do it downwind thankyou... the line is forming...