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  • grgsvll grgsvll Nov 15, 2012 2:40 PM Flag

    So lets talk tax credit package for a second

    and compare the potential for this on not just synm, but on REGI since they are the largest biodiesel producer in the country with 17% of it all and growing to 25% next year and PEIX, the largest ethanol prouducer in the country. these figures are based on last years numbers since that is what counts if we are trying to figure out what the tax credit is worth to each of these companies.

    Sooo...take volume produced in 2012, multiply by a buck, and divide into number of shares? What do you guys think??

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    • 1) you can only calculate the value of the tax credit based upon the past production.
      2) Going forward you can not calculate its value because you don't know its impact on the margin. The Tax Credit does not guarantee a margin of $1.00.
      3) Feedstock and RIN prices will adjust to ensure that the most efficient margin is maintained in the markets.
      4) If Oil prices fall, all bets are off. There is a price floor which guarantees a profit margin for biodiesel below which the industry shuts down.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • You think a poison pill would not prevent a hostile takeover "at these prices"?

      You do NOT have an MBA. Or if you do it isn't accredited.

      It is in place to protect from a hostile takeover AT THESE PRICES, and your inability to understand and bumpy's prediction of a stock buy-back, and archie thinking the government doesn't have a place in research shows your level of intellect and the quality or commentary that is provided by you on this message board.

      Not that he needs it, but I've got Ed's back when it comes to you three.

      Now go back to your circle.

    • grg where did or how did you conclude peix is largest producer of ethanol in the country?

    • If you're just playing the tax credit ... I think that makes sense. If you're looking at the tax credit as part of a longer-term investment thesis ... it's probably a different story. Different strokes for different folks.

    • If it is true that the passage of the bio diesel tax credit would also provide millions in back revenue to REGI (like we know it will to SYNM). Then if you have an extra cash laying around, instead of adding to your SYNM position, go buy some April 2013 REGI $7.50 CALLs. If the tax credit passes, and REGI gets millions as a result, you'll make a far greater percentage on your investment using REGI CALLs verses SYNM stock....but this idea would be called gambling verses investing.

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      • Interesting responses...except our reaper friend who took it in vein. Not the intent my loud friend. I am an investor in synm, have been for years and own over 55k shares. I do not own REGI stock, as of yet, was just discussing it civily, wondering if others were thinking this way. I might sell half my synm and buy some REGI or as others posted, buy some calls, even though I would argue they never work out as simple as one thinks, as they expire, usually worthless.

        So the discussion continues. So relax reaper comments on this board will not affect its stock price.

    • Suprised bumpy did not respond with spreadsheet results. Either he is not watching or does not want to think about it. My point was this, is REGI is biggest biodiesel producer by far, and they the fewest shares by far, would they not benefit (on a price increase per share basis) the most? A lot more than synm?

      Just thinking out load.