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  • luckymrx94 luckymrx94 Jan 10, 2011 11:47 AM Flag


    Are any of the other regulars on this board sick and tired of the Johnny Come Lately posters who have shown up on this board in the past week? I'm not accusing anyone of anything, but the cockroaches appear to be trying to manipulate activity around ADAES stock. One look at the posts and the suspects jump out pretty quickly (abad, nncy_drk, dodobird, mastercarpenter) Any guesses as to who they work for?

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    • You have me on the list...fine but all I want is to find out if there is pumping and dumping...something is wrong in the stock price action. If you look at bid action you see the stock being sold for a certain price ...then a larger block being bid up much higher than last sale. I owned this stock until this past week and do regret slling...Left thousands on the table when I sold Thursday.
      People like abad use one line pumps I only ask questions.
      Another stock which is being pumped and in the same price range is BSQR...LOOK AT THE CHART. stock up Huge.No news. I never short by the way. Unfortunately there are people around who attack anyone with a different view.

    • I don't think they work for anyone other than themselves.

      ADES is not the type of stock that entices boiler room operations who'd employ spammers to pump and/or bash.

      Looks more like recent ADES price/volume increases has attracted investors with day-trading mentalities...hence the appearance of new posters.

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