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  • wbart21 wbart21 Jan 28, 2012 1:31 PM Flag

    Institutional Accumulation

    $50mm in coming Qs in operating income on RC only.
    yes,institutions know this stock is cheap ,has tight limited float and will control trade and accumulate as we've seen because they can...base,break out,high level consolidation in tight range then up to next accumulation level when they run out of supply at lower level,in this case low 20s(but volumes are still miniscule as discussed). Follow through in near term beyond $24 LT resistance and $30 will come quickly.I vote for a 3:2 split if/when the significant$24/$25 level falls to assist institutional accumulation as story unfolds.
    Yes,we should eventually see $50 as RC produces as guided,but it's the call options that could spark rapid appreciation beyond that target...arch coal enhanced PRB sales royalties,ACI sales,DSI sales,engineering,CO2,etc... While I'd like announcements of significant system sales,ie fleets,i'd rather not see PRs about RC ramp-much rather they'd knock the cover off the ball on quarterly reports with tangible financial results and guide then on RC progress.
    Also,ADA has low cost options to scrubbers/baghouses so I'd like to see them really step up on the media front as Utilities/PSCs/politicians complain of multi million capital expenditures because of MATS.
    Political wrangling bout EPA regs in an election year is a given as are court challenges that will make the ride rocky,but these will allow some superb gradual accumulation points as we see execution with which to really compound longer term returns.

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