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  • md841 md841 Nov 14, 2012 10:37 AM Flag

    What are we missing? Insider buying - None


    While I'm a fan of "the stock", I can't say I'm a fan of the board. The board gave management a "cut" of the profits off the RC projects and thus Managment has no incentive to buy or hold the stock. While its true managments has "upside" in options and stock grants, but that's different than putting your own money at risk.

    Management should not buy the stock to be good leaders. They should be buying it out of greed because its a bargin. This said, with the intive program the board gave to management that pays no matter the share price, there is not point in management risking their own money to own the stock. Board should be replaced.

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    • Management is not the type that buys on the open market. Even when the stock was $2 they didn't buy so I don't place much on that metric to make judgements about the stock price or leadership. The fact of the matter is that most have plenty of stock.

      As for management having RC as their main focus, I think the period of time for focusing on RC is more or less over. The management team on Clean Coal can handle the rest at this point especially since they are waiting for third parties to dot their i's and cross their t's.

      I would like Management to focus on the HUGE upcoming market for mecury/acid gas control for coal fired power plants and cement kilns. This is where the company has to focus now. This was the major story behind the company before RC was developed and after waiting 7 years for the regulatory market to evolve to this point I would like to see some blockbuster news releases. In a way. the delay was a God send for the company because it allow it to develop the "enhanced coal" product which nobody else has. Everybody has activated carbon but only ADA-ES has the pixie dust for PRB coals. That is where I would like to see some execution of salesmanship.

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      • Merc, you're absolutely right. Management has significant ownership of the stock already and probably comprises 70-80% of their indiv net worth. If they were to buy more of the stock to satisfy jittery shareholders, it would over-concentrate their financial profile to a ridiculous degree.

        This board and management team has always made their decisions based upon what they believe is best for the long-term benefit of shareholders. They've made mistakes like all of us but more positive moves than negative decisions.

        If they were to start trying to manage the share price rather than their niche business where they excell, that's when I would sell my long-held shares. They cannot make contract announcements that are not yet complete. They cannot accelerate the lawyers quibbling over the monetizer contracts.

        They provide as much news flow as legally possible, the prospects for positive news next year are substantial as the Ref Coal contracts become reality.

        The write-downs of tax credits we're now suffering under, can turn to double gains as these contracts are signed. We all know this but too many on this board continue their whining. It's kinda sad...

    • MD – the deal sure gives them incentive to get the RC's on line. I'd rather see them monetizing the RC's then buying stock.

      That said, I hope they take the business of communicating success to the market more seriously. I'm curious what their investor relations/pr folks do all day.


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