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  • calvokilla calvokilla Sep 11, 2013 11:34 AM Flag

    Patience is a Virtue

    I have invested in this stock off and on since 2007, never once walking away with profits. I've never seen a stock like this one with such patterns. When i intially invested I didn't know much about the Market at all but over the years I have learned alot. Yet and still this Stock for some reason still remains such a mystery. I was around when this bad boy went from .60 to $13.00 in two months. I saw this stock hit it's all time low abotu a year back only to bounce back to .80 cents a few months later. KVA, KVB, KVA-A lol whatever it goes by always comes back steady even when all news and message boards are againist it. I have found myself yet again invested in this stock when i purchased a number of shares at the .18 mark just two weeks ago. I have watched it go from .18 to .02 and of course find myself on the losing end once again. But even though the stock is at it's lowest in years, for some reason i remain very optimistic that this time will be a little differant when it's all said and done. Patience is a virtue. This time it's so low that there's no where to run, but who want's to run with opportunity like this. FYI every basher on this board has said this stock would be zero for the last five years, the notion has been the same. Yet and still people are makign 100,000's of thousands of dollars, buying in at .04 and watching this thing go to .70 etc.

    I hope staying on the boat this time really pays off. I've jumped ship way to many times before.
    No Pumper, No bashing, just a patient KV Long'er :)

    Sentiment: Hold

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