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  • sunbrookplace sunbrookplace Aug 29, 2012 5:19 PM Flag

    What happened today?

    Not that im complaining, but was there some news that moved the coal related plays today- just saw joy global was UP after missing its earnings- was there news or maybe finally a rotation into the sector- or just bots making money- thanks- gltal

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    • jondow69 Aug 29, 2012 5:43 PM Flag

      hey sun, joy dropped to 49.64, stays there for a hour, then climbs up closes 1.366 green? 11 million shares, initially, joy beat the sector down, as joy recovered, so did ANR. but if you watch the 1 minute, one hour chart for ANR, man, has computer ping pong all over it. like watching the paint dry. most stocks are like that, the NYSE volume in august 2012 is the lowest since 1997, according to matt miller, bloomberg. i picked up some at 5.92, but didn't sell, i'll probably regret it tommorow, who knows, your guess is good as any ones.basically after labor day, will give us an idea about volumes and if any kind of sector rotation. being in ANR at these levels, who knows. just wait and see, unreal, what a market. IMHO

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      • I would have more confidence in anr now if it were mid october- i think september and early will be rough- scary thing is we are near market highs and the coals, steels, and materials are near lows- what will happen when the market corrects- i hope and hope that there is a rotation into the materials space if there is a correction because they have been so beaten down but that is just hope- wlt, anr, aa, mt, aks, fcx, all near lows- what will turn them around- gltal

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