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  • csco_brat csco_brat Oct 18, 2012 10:26 PM Flag

    Why sell when things getting better

    One reason to sell is to get out before the next earnings report which will be a disaster. And the balance sheet is so destroyed and interest payments so high, it is questionable that ANR can turn much of a profit if coal prices stay lackluster. Asia is done building like they have been last 7 years. Australia coal will surfice and they may not need to ship it all the way from America. I'm no expert.

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    • All of that is so skewed and twisted, where do you begin? Do you even know what ANR's interest payments are, annual or quarterly? How about their cash break even costs? Do you know what ANR's realizable met price is at, or how much they are going to ship this year? how about their thermal contracts, what percentage they have booked and at what price? How much do they have in met/thermal reserves? I bet you can't even answer one of those questions. Another uniformed retailer, living up to the muppet name. You're right, you are no expert.

      And You havn't the first clue about what China is doing, and neither do any of the cracker jack economists. They do what they want to do - that's what a huge cash rich economy does. Everyone keeps looking at them though the US's broke as a joke looking glass, wondering "man, how can they afford that?? that's gotta end soon.." Well when you rake in 80 billion a month in trade surplus there's a whole f'k of a lot you can spend on money on. Must be nice huh? Where's Jim Chanos and all his genius short crook posse that have been calling the China crash for three years running now. Oh that's right, paying the vig and heavy juice on their put rolls, and short positions. Funny how you don't hear much from those jokers anymore. huh.

      Go get informed already, or stick to your apple trades, CNBC spoon fed material and whatever else scam street wants you to parrot out on these boards. Just know that there's people here that freely call that bulls't out when they see it, and gladly will shovel back onto you.

    • Look at CSX report yesterday. record high export.

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