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  • james.craigen james.craigen Jan 2, 2013 10:36 AM Flag


    Hard to belive this price action today.. Thanks NG. I can't get how NG producers are such absolute idiots.

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    • James, I see a 3.19 print, down 16 cents on the day at 12:48 eastern. This will undoubtedly be the highest contract volume day of the past year. The 3.05 print is still showing on the chart for low of day.

    • I can't make sense of it. In the real world margins should be the motivator behind curtailing but it seems Natty producers are more interested in market share. It's the Walmart approach - operate at a loss until the competition folds. But there's no way it would work with coal unless there are behind the scenes dealings with EPA for a more permanent NG market capture. ANR has done the opposite they have refused to sell at a loss and reduced their market share. But maybe it will all change tomorrow. Reality has to set in at some point.

      My real question is who's selling? Why take profits now? unless there is news pending.

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      • jondow69 Jan 2, 2013 11:51 AM Flag

        hey billy, here's the deal pal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a few days ago ANR was 9.10ish????????????
        today it hits 10.24ish??????????????????????????????????
        these HFT's make more cabbage?$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
        doing the pump/dump,raking in $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$,then rinse repeat,then holding long term?????????????????????????????? get the picture??????????????????
        how do i know this??????????????? easy, because i learned how to trade this POS, IMO its range bound say 8.50-10-50 till further notice, just one guys take! jmo g.l.
        ps again, the market is all about inside info?????????????? HFT's????????????????
        Algo's??????????????????, and People who tell CNBC/BLOOMBERG TV what to tell the retail saps/suckers????????????????????????????????????
        like 10AM today, bloomberg had larry fink on telling people to fade the market?????????????
        that guy was probably on the long side, then turned short,its all corrupt, buy and hold is a tough way to go, thats how one gets whip lashed by the HFT's! jmo and happy new year!

      • Natural gas have huge interest rate payments and in such huge debt that they cannot cut back to service their loans. Too many are still in business and some will need to go bankrupt to stop the flooding of market with too much natural gas inventory.

        Only chance is if China demands more coal and ANR gets that business. that is the only chance.

    • All the coals are relatively weak today w/ possible exception WLT but I think this could be more than NG. I originally thought that sell down to 9.80 today was the specialist shorting the stock to get shares to fill orders later today, at least I thought that until the stock undercut that number and is fighting to stay flat on the day. That's not the type of price action I want to see on a supposedly break-out day.

      The charts are potentially signalling a market-wide topping action, maybe a blow-off top on the major averages basis the so-called good news. Approximately 450 Dow points intraday in basically 6 trading hours, in very low volume holiday trading. NAZ up close to 150 points in that same 6 hour window, RUT just hit an all time high. If there are a lot of topping sticks and gap opens with closes near the lows of the day I would be VERY worried here. It's the reason I haven't chased ANR here, or anything else for that matter.

    • James something is wrong with NG. NG should be going up with this cold weather and Friday may be the icing on the cake.

    • Just close your eyes, click your heels together, and pretend you are up huge on your position. =)

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