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  • bobgordon340 bobgordon340 Jan 7, 2013 9:54 PM Flag

    Nervous Shorts Trying All Negative News Tactics...

    Shorts are literally *!@#%&^)(* in their shorts. All these recent negative coals news stories along with ANR negative stories is very apparent desperation try to stop what is happening. What is happening is that ANR is in a slow but steady breakout getting more and more momentum every day. They are feeling the heat and getting nervous. Stock will be on its way to $12.00 by the end of the of luck.

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    • yeah. its china and met coal looking to see 16 soon. china gdp 8 and we fly

    • Hey I don`t make the news. I report every article I find and if they are negative it is because they are. May be you would like me just to report what is good. If you notice I report from all over the world and believe it or not 50 percent of the bad stuff I don`t because you would think I was a short. You heard that old expression. Going to hell in a handbasket. That is what is happening to coal. It was getting better but now that Obama got elected it seems to have gone off a cliff. Guess the country and coal will go together unless states stand up to the feds and say no more.

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      • Ben are you still holding or are you all out? You do report the news fairly but there is some commentary that looks like its aimed at encouraging sells. No? It's human nature. You want to average down and wouldn't it be nice nice if ANR would cooperate. I may join you, but for now it looks to me like it could go higher before a pull back. Its been very strong even on down days - shorts are thinking about cutting their losses.

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