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  • ftestatest ftestatest Jan 11, 2013 5:20 PM Flag

    Loading ZNGA, MCP(it stays above $8)

    Selling UNG on Monday and BAC

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    • stock looks like a downward trajectory with no bottom.
      sales seem like the biggest problem.
      recent insider stock buys a plus.


    • I shorted BAC at 12 a couple days ago and covered at 11.50. Why would you buy that trash? I wanted to short MCP at 11 and couldn't borrow shares. Its another turd, but better than ANR. I would buy MCP at 5. ZNGA is cheap at 2, 2.5 is not cheap(since its trading near cash level). The company is garbage though.

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      • I sold BAC. I bought around 5.5 range when everyone was asking to sell during euro crisis peak and invested like 260+k. Now, its worth .5M with long term tax gain.

        I am buying ZNGA as they are rolling out actual money gambling in europe/asia etc. They are cutting cost crazy. Their market cap close to cash and hardly any debt. Still profitable. It is 100% gainer. Few weeks back I bought GRPN and sold nearly for 100% gain.

        MCP is a good play. It is going to be rough ride. I will buy soon.

        I added Inuit surgical long time back. It returned me excellent gain. I am moving to MAKO soon.

        ANR is the best coal play. Many and market is totally discounting Massey's acquisition related assets they got. Export terminals etc. ANR is best positioned for export of coal. PCX shock gave ANR rough ride. Remember how banks started falling after Lehman mess. Citi was like a $1.

        Its a well run company. They will contribute 15M low grade coal for coal to gasoline generation. I am mot day trading ANR. I added ANR at $33 initially. Very small. I added like 300K worth ANR at $5 range. Now, my average is around $7. I am holding ANR for long term. Well, depends. BTU is doing excellent in Mongolia. BTU will rule asia. I am adding more and more of BTU for stability and double gainer.

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