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  • screwedonaclaim screwedonaclaim May 9, 2013 9:51 PM Flag

    Toxic water poisoning related to coal mining. They destroy mountains and families.

    Any solutions? Toxic cesspools and contaminated streams are the backbone of the coal thugs and goons.
    Slimey scaled reptilian legalboys defend the wrongful acts of the coal thugs and slime buckets. Their insurance institutions facilitate their success through bad faith. Financial institutions facilitate the success of coal enterprises engaged in continuing and on going patterns of wrongful acts. Financial institutions provide financing and securities underwriting for coal enterprises engaging or who engaged in a history of organized scofflaw evasion of safety and environmental laws. Their lawyers participate in the day to day operations of the enterprise.. See Bruce Cutler in john Gotti v. United States, where attorney Bruce Cutler participated in wired 3rd floor meetings at Gottis social club, the Ravenite, crime family headquarters. Just one victims opinion.

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    • screwedonaclaim - all energy requires some "dirt" ...... turn off your computer and stop using it

    • So now you are a victim.Please share why you are a victim. I have no problem with the streams or that they blow the mountains up. Most towns like having flat land that is on the hill and not in a flood plain. If Jamestown or Johnstown had been giving flat land as Mingo county those two towns would never have been flooded. I think its time you and crutchfieldloser entered rehab . Start posting information for the benefit of ANR or get lost. No one cares about your Sierra club membership. If not you can just go on ignore where I should have left you.

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      • If you have no problem with toxic polluted streams and the destruction of the mountains in Appalachia,
        you must live a long ways from here in the Mountain Empire. A federal judge denied a permit for IsoN Ridge Strip mining down yonder in Tennessee. A rock was shoved by earth moving equipment at Ison Ridge. The huge boulder crashed into a house below. It crushed a 5 year old boy to death. The victims family was offered 15000, and the slime sucking insurance company said the action of the bulldozer was an act of God. Insurance companies guarantee the success of criminal enterprises. Mining permit denied. Big coal put profits before safety.
        Hey Ben, last weeks carbon monoxide levels on the planet reached 400 ppm . That's a dangerous milestone for global warming. What do you think about that, Genius ? Fossil fuel is loved by men with fossilized brains.

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