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  • chan432000 chan432000 May 18, 2013 8:11 PM Flag

    coal looks doomed.. 4 1/2 screaming bull mkt and coal ead. when mkt cashes anr to 3

    its ugly

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    • You are pretty stupid. Is your other name Rectal Trauma. He is a loser poster too. Hope you shorted about $ 7.00. Will see how brave you are as this creeps back up over time. And I wouldn't call the last 4 years a screaming bull market. The last 6 months have been steady but there have been many bumps in the road the 3.5 years prior to Nov. 2012. Your stupid negative posts do not control the market or people's trades. Might as well not waste your time. Trading is about looking ahead and not backwards, unless of course you are a bakwards #$%$ hillbillie like yourself. LMAO

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Yup your right what we have is a perfect storm to drive this pig to 3. For the exact reason you just explained. Market all time highs at the same time ANR is manipulated to 3 a share. Majority of people will sell because its all FEAR FEAR FEAR. I'll be loading up the truck. I made my first purchase @ 50.00 and kept averageing down. Of course everbody thought 30.00 was the bottom so I never sold. Now if this dives to 3 bucks, I'll be backing up 2 trucks @ 3.00. Then will plan my early retirement in 5 years. Thanks to the wall street crooks and the cowards who sell out of Fear. Amen and Thanks you!

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      • Sprokerocker, I thought I was the only #$%$ on this site who bought over $49 bucks. You beat me by .50 cents when you bought at $50.

        I loaded up at $5+ a few months ago, sold to soon at $7, but at least I recovered 80% of my loss.

        I jumped back in at $7.36, then at $6.63, so I am hoping to recoup the outstanding 20% loss and then be on my way to making some fast money if the MF does not drop to $5 again.

        Thanks for having the b@!!$ to talk about your initial buy in and failure to sell when this mf was plunging.

      • Don't get me wrong, I am long ANR, but I did what you are doing once. I bought a stock high and then kept averaging down figuring the company was too good and had great assets. Well, I averaged way down and then they filed BK. Within months they changed their name and came out of BK, but my shares were worthless. I think Patriot Coal is another like this, but I am not sure. Mine was MFNX which became Abovenet. I am hoping ANR is not another like this.

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