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  • sfvip sfvip Jun 27, 2013 10:41 AM Flag

    Steve on CNBC said to short all coal stocks on halftime report

    ANR in particular, what happened? that it's suppose to be going dowm to hell daily?

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    • He said buy WLT at 100+. ROFL

    • I remember both najarian brothers were touting anr. Weiss beating up on anr makes no sense at this point. Who pays these guys?

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      • Knowing Obama it could be the Fed`s funded by Obama`s war on coal. How soon before a drone takes out a coal train or he has the IRS looking at all coal investors? Bloomberg gave the Sierra club about $50 million to go after coal. I think our founding fathers would said our government is out of control . It is times like this I think of Ruby ridge and wonder if all the damage at the twin towers was caused by two planes. Did you know they would not let engineers any where near the steel of those two buildings and now we find that TWA flight 800 was covered up. A inspector in the NSB is now saying it was covered up and it was not a motor in a fuel tank. Results show it was hit by a bomb or missile on the outside. With stuff like this UBB could have been Obama`s first act on the war on coal. Do we need the UN to post security on coal assets to keep this warlord/King in check?

        Old Ben has been watching and we have had more train coal derailments this year than in the last 5 years. Is this my design or is Obama a home grown terrorist because any act against a American company on home soil is terrorism. If he can let our people be killed in Libya what is to stop him from killing them in the US?

    • That annoying guy is short everything.. They will kick him out of CNBC as they did with Jeff Macke...

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      • You want to short ANR when it`s down 70 percent at least? I was just looking at the DTA export terminal that ANR owns 40.6 percent in. I was thinking what it would take to build a new one now. Permits. Sierra club BS. EPA. Obama. This is a 100 acres and can handle 20 million tons a year. It has to be worth more now than when it was built by Dominion. This is just one of many assets Alpha has. For you that would like to see it just put in Dominion Terminal Associates. This has 13 miles of tracks. I would say this terminal would cost $500 to $1 billion to build today so ANR`s part has to be worth $150 to $300million in good times. One down in New Orleans basic cost was $400 million. A old one with less than 8 million tons went for 73 million and it was old.

        Another factor positive for DTA is it is not in the gulf where most storms hit.

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