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  • mawsii1 mawsii1 Jan 25, 2014 8:09 AM Flag

    alls I know is that I don't know...jesus...what really does it's the airline trade now..eventually..buyers will

    come back to net assets worth far more than market cap...with more and more restrictions...coal will have to been worth alot more again...that said..I just cannot believe with the euro hitting new highs, and now nat over 5 bucks...WT-! unreal...two yrs ago these stock would have tripled.....i keep buying and it me or what !!!

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    • Don't miss the ANR bounce play. There will be a bounce for sure, even its a deadcat bounce. Specially when bashers will say it will bounce in the summer or next year. Seen it 10 times here! So leave some powder for the bounce.

    • do you realize those major airlines filed for bankruptcy and their stocks went to zero? they reissued new shares and went public again. shareholders of the original stocks were wiped out.

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      • Yea I do...would have been the best trade buying up amr shares in that ride...but, it's coming down to supply and demand...this cycle will turn eventually and wall st will start talking about the assets that can't be replicated...starting a new mine costs well over abillion and 10 yrs of approval process...JRCC last summer finally got a permit to expand that took them 5 yrs finally...Nat staying this high, oil still in the 90' takes yrs and huge is just a matter of time...but who of us longs thought we'd be here trading this low with all the headwinds talked about 2 yrs ago gone....nat was 2 bucks, Euro 1.28....unreal....We will see Private equity move in they have buying up the foreclosures.....Big money can deleverage any co, buy them out with all the debt will more than likely be Buffet making the first supply his rails. good luck all, lets hope for black gold for us all

    • No not you. Just us who thought coal cycle would have turned around by now. I still have 7,000 shares that I bought 2 years ago (I think, cant really remember now seems so long ago) at $10.20. That $70,000 has done nothing for me while the market has soared. I have been making money in ANV. Seems to have support at $4.80 right now. Buyout potential. If gold keeps going up ANV will be at $10 by end of year. I have 17,000 shares at $4.50.

    • Yeah. ANR exports most to Europe unlike Australian players and Euro is showing recovery.

    • The coal stocks being menupulated by Goldman suck! Devils.

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