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  • benstevens75 benstevens75 Apr 17, 2014 9:57 AM Flag

    Good morning Alpha.

    Another day in the war on coal. Today we have NG storage which means nothing to some. Friday markets closed. Tuesday 4/22 ACI earnings. Thursday 4/24 BTU earnings.

    Yes my fellow warriors another day keeping our head down while wall street drops shares on our heads to crater ANR. Where on earth could you have so much fun watching your money go down the drain? Ben can remember watching Robin Williams in Good Morning Vietnam. For you that did not have to go or have not been in the military that was LBJ`s war. He killed Kennedy and then he got us in a war. And you think Putin is bad.

    America is high tech. Never send in our brave men and women. Drop the bomb and let God sort it out. Trillions of dollars and lives lost in this useless war under Bush and Obama for what? So we can fight a war at home on coal? Come on. Coal miners are the backbone of our country. They are not terrorist. Coal made this country and helped to turn the tide in WWII. Coal keeps the lights on. Wake up America . Coal is not the enemy. Those like Obama and harry Reid are.

    God bless our brave men and women in the service. Ben was in for 8 years. Let`s bring our folks home and protect our border and get the red`s out of Washington.

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