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  • smjohnson164 smjohnson164 May 1, 2014 8:44 AM Flag

    get ready for bechody non stop sell talk

    This guy has nothing better to do allll day but tell you all to short. Hmmm

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    • one of the best things going for yahoo is the ignore button........ you ought to try it.

    • The truth must really hurt you. Just imagine you'd shorted the stock on Tuesday, how much you would be up by now. Oh well, you all seem to be to wise to take an old man advice. It's better for you to get burned and learn from your own mistake.
      LONGS! Just hold onto your shares and hope it'll be $40 by the close. It'll not continue going down more. This is the bottom. BUY BUY BUY

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • You have to give him a little credit. He's been bang on so far.

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      • I looked back at a lot of his post and he pretty much just copy and paste the same thing over and over on different boards. And I looked at when he says it will not see this or that figure after today or it will close below this price and I find that he is actually wrong most of the time. He also states he will not cover a single share below 19's but then he says he's buying the dips and selling the head fakes. He also states he will be a buyer at 19's but then states its going to single digits. This guy must be in options trying to make money on pushing the price where he needs it. Maybe trying to push it as low as he can to buy a massive stake to make a great coin on a great stock he manipulated, or maybe he just likes to make people lose a lot of money.

    • There are pumpers and then there are dumpers.

      Shorting this stock is very, very difficult for 2 reasons: First, there is the up-tick rule now in effect for the day and the day after the stock drops 10% in price (SEC Rule 201). Second the stock is likely very difficult to borrow, Only the big boys, like Goldman Sachs, can and will illegally short sell the stock "naked" because the SEC looks the other way with them since they are big-time political contributors. The retail brokers will follow the rules even if they have the stock available to short. Even if they may have the shares to lend, it may be lent to a bigger broker for a fee. BTW stock in cash accounts at brokerage firms can not be loaned for short selling..

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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