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  • sonslong sonslong Apr 19, 2012 7:14 PM Flag

    Excellent Acticle!!

    This acticle states Frank was once partially paralyzed and had to treat himself, well he is nolonger paralyzed :) The 2nd paragraph in this post shows the the founders, their families and friends funded the business early in the process, this is the reason Frank and Dr Langer are selling some shares, time to payback! IMO this will be a great investment for those who have the patience to wait it out and accumulate more shares! The article is below:

    A car accident in 1992 left Frank partially paralyzed for three years. After three years of marginal improvement in mobility he realized that his doctors could not help further his recovery, so he decided to help himself. He conducted extensive research by mail from university libraries across the country, combing through the research that was relevant to SCI’s and their treatments. Frank developed a treatment for himself to rehabilitate his spine, which used the same principles – neuroprotection and neuroplasticity – that were the basis of Langer’s research.

    Initial fundraising for InVivo was through friends and family who believed in the technology. They were right to do so, since the company made history by being the first to successfully heal SCI’s in primates.

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