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  • ski44daddy ski44daddy Dec 29, 2008 8:16 PM Flag

    Does Ryder Work for HCF?

    COIN was taken off the SHO list today. That means that if Ryder has a current short position, as he alludes, he is just plain crazy. But is that the case? Doesn't seem logical that he would post 24/7 for that purpose, much less not have covered yet. Then why would Ryder want to continuously try to bash this stock and lower the pps?

    The only logical explaination that I can muster is that Ryder is connected to the bondholders, and is perhaps is one:

    If this is the case, we can zero in on him in any potential countersuit to the frivoulous lawsuit. When I say 'we', I refer to Mr. Gildea and company. I hope they do. His emails are a part of legal record accessible through YAHOO by subpoena. Hope it happens.

    The strategy is to lower the share price. THis High Capital Fund has roughly 59 investors. Ryder uses an anonymizer (a service)

    which hides his ISP (your internet adress) from the send script in case you don't want to be found. Then he uses multiple ids to prevent being ignored.

    So, to the other 58 investors within HCF, don't think you are immune. Or, is Ryder being hired by one or more of these bond holders to reduce the share price for a glorious conversion at a low pps?

    So, High Capital Fund, what are you going to do? If COIN doesn't take this lying down, and it most likely won't, what will the discovery process reveal? Who's hiring this Ryder anyway? Better start calling each other and rout this evil from your ranks or you will all have his sh1t in your laps and be bunk mates in prison.

    Have a nice life, what's left of it,


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