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    • Derek Moss is an idiot.

    • ... of ignores. It gets tiresome. Now this granny idiot, too.

      Careful driving out there.

    • Beleieve GR8 be referring to Haber Az and you Haber-risk and all yur little Habers not Mr. T and the dogs.

      Shame GR8 can't yet make the leap that Hogwash and Ski are you too. Pity.


    • Can't believe it took you this long.

    • You, and your minions, do more to suppress what I write than any disagreements I have with Hoggey.

      While we disagree, at least Hoggey brings value to this board. You and the entire brigade of idiots you mimic offer nothing.

      Welcome to ignore.

    • You are pond scum.

    • Don't worry about that star crazed lizard, ONE. Two and I have your back.

      He GR8 how is it you write so well about the fruad that is Hoggey1 yet don't realize that Skidaddy is the same guy?

      Please enlighten me on the connection between me (ryder_, OOIN, KKD, and bridge loans. I seldom read their stuff much beyond headlines. That line of reasoning must be a hoot

      Derek Moss

    • Good morning underdog and GR8. let me join you in pissing on Haber-Hoggie.

      For the benefit of under, I call him that because most of the ID's on this board including Hoggey1 are the work of the clearly mad mind of Micael Haberman. These include a legions of forgeries of ID's I have used and still use for color.

      How ironic I read a post headline this morning that I've been working overtime when indeed this is my first post since early last evening. In the interim I see facimiles of my ID's strewn like confetti by the mad lizard of Louisville

      Derek Moss (aka Ryder and remogadog 1. 2. and 5 but not 3&4)

    • Well said G8

      I expect Hoggey is just the more articulate face of this pumper or pumpers with many names. The ply this board to disrupt or just get attention.

      To get to your post I must have scrolled through two maybe three pages of nonsense from them since my last post yesterday.

      I particularly enjoyed that you took this idiot to task on that energy and education post which was the most ludicrous thing offered in seriousness I've ever read.

    • All I've ever been on this board is moderating voice; neither basher nor pumper. You, on the other hand, vigorously assault anyone that can find fault with with COIN. Your posts regularly become condescending to anyone that disagrees with you. I should know. You have, more than once, dismissed me as Ryder. Even in your last lines, you've tried to do the same. Not that I care, but it goes a long way to establishing your veracity.

      The bottom post stands as a perfect example, "you have great difficulty grasping very simple concepts". Really? I do?? Or is it that I don't agree with you, and your posts ramble without cogency? You go from whether or not CO will benefit from *this energy bill* to ridiculous assertions about energy and education? Or overstatements ("intimate knowledge"? Really? Point it out to me.)

      I admire your intimate handling of details. I believe your grasp on the obvious is a bit more tenuous. It's a long way from helping a school district (which happens in nearly every school district) to being the beneficiary of Federal intervention. Making the leap of faith from energy-efficient manufacturing processes to becoming the impetus that shakes us from gasoline dependence reeks of misplaced enthusiasm. Worse. It brings well-placed ridicule from people like Ryder.

      In my mind, I go out of the way to be cordial to all and a quick survey of my posts (to me, at least) seems to support that feeling. While I may have seemed to been dismissal to Joeschmoe, reading through the entire post it was Larry Kudlow I attacked. (And offered a better alternative). You, on the other hand, never admit to being wrong (how could that be? Right here, in this thread, you've been given ample opportunity to admit to overstating things) and been dismissive. That is, in fact, your modus operandi.

      OK. Off to work I go.

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