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    Ammonium Sulfate Non-Issue.

    The HTLC process will be utilized.

    First, the addition of ammonium sulfate was prior to COIN obtaining the California Liquid Fertilizer plant. COIN was looking at the technology of the plant, not the finalized product. Composting has been around for centuries and is a proper method for developing a high nutrition fertilizer.

    Second, Townsley is out. It may or may not have been due to the Sac Bee story, but either way, he is gone and probably for good reason.

    Third, the HTLC process creates compost that is dried or can be used in liquid format. Their is no need to "spike" the formula with ammonium sulfate; especially if utilizing aquatic animal materials (such as fish bones ( Pacific Choice Seafood), crustacean shells, oyster & clam shells, etc.). These aquatic animal materials offer a significant amount of lime that is introduced to the fertilizer through the composting method. The lime itself is not a fertilizer, but assists in unlocking the available potash, phosphorus and nitrogen in the natural soil. Lime also renders heavily compacted soils looser. Please do not forget that some phosphorus (usually found in natural foods as free phosphoric acid (also used to stabilizer organic fertilizer)) and phosphates (found in such foods as milk, cheese, nuts, fish, meat, poultry, eggs (yolk), and certain cereals) are natural.

    I do not know what Townsley's deal was before working with COIN, but COIN has provided its organic fertilizers to a number of institutions for testing. Let the experts test the product and let their findings be the final say.

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