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  • hedghog25 hedghog25 Mar 2, 2009 9:35 PM Flag

    Remoadog, my old friend. I thought you were dead.

    I still have feelings for you wit:

    Subject: I am truly saddened to hear of Remo's death
    19-Nov-07 09:21 am

    I see that since it was announced on this board that the kind, intelligent, wise man we knew as "Remo" (a.k.a ryder4truth, rebecca_de_hererra, grannysixfibber, truth_justice_and, coinryder, etc., etc., ad nauseum) has died, there have been lot of posts here making tactless jokes about him, insulting the one poster who has had anything sympathetic to say, and generally making light of the whole matter.

    SHAME ON YOU!! How heartless and insensitive can you be??! Is the report of Remo's death just a big joke to you?!? I, for one, am truly saddened. Am I really the only one who has previously sparred with poor old Remoadog who was saddened to read about his death? At one point, after reading one of the derisive posts in response to the announcement of Remo's death, I literally had tears rolling down my cheeks - and that's the *honest truth*!

    I find it very, very sad that after all his genuine efforts to make friends on these chat boards by being rude to people were met with nothing but sneers and contempt, this obviously lonely, distrubed old man resorted to faking his own death and writing tear-jerking eulogies heaping glowing praise upon himself, in the names of the imaginary wife and imaginary close friend that he wishes that he, like normal people, could have - all in a very transparent attempt to win the love and affection he had always so desperately but fruitlessly sought, by convincing everyone that he died suddenly, so he could see those who had berated him mournfully confess that despite all the teasing, they truly liked the old chap and appreciated his wit, and that now that he's gone they will sorely miss him, and wish they had had the opportunity to let him know how they truly felt about him while he was still alive.

    I see that now that even this last-ditch reach for unearned affection has only been met with more jeers and ridicule, he has completely gone off the deep end with his delusions of persecution by this phantom "pet troll" who has been stalking him, adding several more obviously unconnected posters to his growing list of suspected troll ID's, and imagining that his long-awaited day of triumph and vindication has finally arrived, based largely on the fact that most other people don't obsessively post on Yahoo Finance boards all weekend long. And yet, even now, the jeers and derision continue.

    I ask you all again, how heartless and insensitive can you be?

    If you people had any sense of decency, you'd realize that you shouldn't be cruelly taunting this poor, suffering old man, you should be helping to return him to whatever mental institution he escaped from, so that he can be properly cared for by experienced professionals in a controlled environment (by which I mean, of course, a padded room). I, for one, have already started searching databases and making phone calls to see if I can find records of an escaped mental patient on or shortly before October 9, 2005 who had a documented phobia of doughnuts from Krispy Kreme.

    Remo's pal, hedgehog
    Sentiment: Strong Pity

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