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  • dkli_clothes dkli_clothes Mar 4, 2009 1:15 PM Flag

    Okay due diligence now you do yours please

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    • stinky didn't like this one, 23 ratings!!!!!

    • Sorry you think my research has been pitiful, Slabe. I get that a lot from folks holding this $1 stock that bought it a lot at prices a whole lot higher and kept it while despite the research findings I shared.

      Sorry I hadn't really noticed you that I recall until recently.

      I do see you started posting and buying back on Jan 3 of '08 in the five/six range. There were some good if phoney good times between now and then. Did you take some profit or are you just holding on awaiting the Second Coming?

      Actually, in scanning your posts. I did notice one that should have caught my attention. It gave me a good laugh. Of all the Haberman ID's and other bull shit artists posting here, how is it that you failed to notice that Hoggey1 and SkiDaddy are among the worst offenders?

      This is what you wrote:

      Yup, you pretty much nailed it. All of your points are for the most part irrefutable. I digress to the more learned posters for hard information and due diligence. Your rhetorical questions are pretty much all you need to make an informed decision re Converted Organics. If you're new here, pls disregard anything from Ryder and his/her myriad aliases. The misinformation contains no substance and should bear no heed. The excellent debunking of his garbage by Hoggey, Ski and the rest is worth reading but can be mind boggling. Stick to the core of the company and the rest should play out on its own. If you're not new then you're well aware of which I speak."

    • Been here since early January, 2008 so yes I do know what you've done since your entry into your position. BTW, your research, especially the ones from today, are pitiful. Time to get some shuteye.


    • To repeat, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL

    • Well, Slabe, we're at least part way in syche.

      Yes, I do research things. Mostly it takes little time but at least I speak from knowledge.

      You'll find ALL my other statements also have been researched despite accusations they are seat of the pants bashing.

      As to my position, if you had been around long enough since I starting being a COIN bear at $12.50, you'd know that I have already made a great deal of money -- always as a short. You'd also know that retrospectively I closed out what looks like will be my final position this stock's previous trip down to two dollars.

      I've basically just watching the final chapter of this stocks demise the last month or so and continuing the Haber-lizard bashing that produced the syrendipidous (spelling) of my forthcoming novel "Charlie Chan Meets StinkFingers and PrettyFace.

      The novel is not about this stock.

      Good things come in strange packages at times. Oh, and I am objective about the stock from a financial interest point of view. It's a walking dead man. Have I mentioned that before? LOL

    • Ya know Ryder, the FUNNY part is that you,the defender of the shorts, the force against anything that may be positive, actually took the time to search three different parts of the Northeast for the product. I see that in your mind, you still have doubt about your position and don't know for sure that the product does or does not exist. Or are you just purely evil at heart and can't stand the thought of this thing possibly coming to fruition? You can't short this down much more. And the hilarous part of this is that the photo gets bumped to the top.


    • "You're all grasping at straws"....Yes, that's what pumpers do when all else fails. Wonder when they'll actually complete the plant. Hope the cash holds out or there goes another dilution!

    • Cool, Slabe, I'd done all those things earlier but this time I also put my comp on Full Screen view and the larger pic showed up.

      Yes, indeed, it is a photo of a Converted Organics shelf talker with a large Organic Fertilizer and a very small Converted Organics.

      Yes, I see what appears to be an SKU number. Its the same number I searched in three parts of the North East and failed to find. Not sure why that is.

      Its still too funny that so many ID's got so outraged when there is rarely any traffic on the COIN board unless there is a major development at that hour.

      You're all grasping at staws.

      PS As to the $12,000 (actually only $11,000). It was money well spent.

    • forget it slabe
      they r gonna criticize it every step of the way..first when they got their license to build ryder was saying yeah they got the license but they wont get the plant up
      then the company got hte plant up and ryder says yeah they will never be able to produce the fertilizer-they dont know wht they r doing
      they finally produce the fertilizer-ryder says yeah who is gonna buy their fertilizer they r not gonna ship it
      now tht they shipped ryder says its not on the shelves of HD
      now tht its on the shelves-ryder comes up iwth tht sku sticker is not real!
      then we will ahve a pic of hte sku tag with the bag-they will come up with the ppl r not buying (in fact he mentioned tht today)
      when the retails order more fertilizer from the company-ryders next criticize will be either tht ppl will not coem back and use the fertilizer cuz it doesnt work or tht they cannot produce enough to keep up with the demand creating a bad name for themseleves cuz they cant be reliable or some honky dory excuses
      tehre is not point in trying to prove him wrong..we proved him wrong so many times..
      yes tehre was only one thing he was right about which was the decline in the share price..
      but dont forget its a bear market 100% of teh stocks declined!
      so cant really give him credit there can we? he just got lucked out cuz the market gave in with him!

    • All righty, here we go. Let's try this again. Ryder, I understand your problem with the photo. Go to the original post, open the link, and click on the "View" tab just under the "0 comments" in the postage stamp size photo. Brings it into view, clear as day. $12 grand to have your eyes fixed? Where the hell did you go for that? Not to slight you if you really had a vision issue, but you should ask for your money back. I think I've made my point. And you sir, have a fine day.


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