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  • ski44daddy ski44daddy Mar 17, 2009 10:16 AM Flag

    This Rocketship about to takeoff!


    When you say,

    "Home Depot is loading up on it! fwiw "

    Could you elaborate on that? For example:

    1. Did COIN make FULL shipments?
    2. Did they satisfy the ORIGINAL order?
    3. Have any of their presold commitments bailed b/c of schedule delays and cost overruns?

    No time for cheerleading. We have real money invested here.


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    • Ski, I DO respect your posts. But on this one, I think you're mistaken (and my eyesight's not too good anymore, so I hope I'm not mistaking one of Ryder's FAKE "skis" for your true name).

      The Home Depot ref. is fine: there are very likely new people looking over the board who are trying to come up to speed on COIN and Home Depot is a good place to start them. (COIN has quite a diverse market being developed, for those who are new and reading along.)

      The complaint dept. has been concerned with a 6 week delay in production AT STARTUP of A NEW TECHNOLOGY. The production is proceeding now, and more every day. Ed hasn't been as forthcoming on details as we'd like, but so what?!?

      Look what a little extra help can do to the SP! The key is to keep it JUST ABOVE the 20 day avg. You're getting $4 million compelled to enter equity. Think of it as $8 million in sales, after taxes, labor, etc. What more do you want at this stage?!? Let them finish the ramp up correctly...I don't want them to rush and break the equipment. A successful prototype is all we need. It's our baby! Thereafter, it will virtually self-replicate!

      I'm focused on the $4 million being compelled to convert. At this stage, I think that's the biggest deal!

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      • 5 Stars Joe,

        You remind me of myself a year ago !!! And yes, it is me. I also own ski4daddy but rarely if ever use it, just to keep the RR from using it. But please take note of my new sentiment of "hold". It is based upon my collective "experience" with COIN.

        Also, in your post I quote you: "there are very likely new people looking over the board "

        The BOD is full of Mr. Gildea's "yes" men. He is responsible for chairing this board AND he is responsible for setting company policies as CEO and President. I'm surprised he's delegated ANYTHING. This is a HUGE F*#$%@! ISSUE Joe. Please help me understand ANY flaw to what I have said here.

        Joe, I would recommend with your knowledge of the company so far, to dig a little and answer some of these questions for yourself. Trouble is, to be ethical about it, you can't reveal information on the message board. When you have, call me out for IM.

        Well, the rocketship is now down 4 cents on comparatively (to yesterday) anemic volume. That means no follow through. You should see my old rose colored glasses. My dog ate them and now they're in the back yard. Oh well.

        Keep Your Tips Up,


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