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  • ski44daddy ski44daddy Mar 17, 2009 12:37 PM Flag

    This Rocketship about to takeoff!

    Why Groans?,

    Because they manipulate perception on this message board with 1/2 truths.

    Where is your substance? I am at least responding to the current reality but Duno is right: This is a $5 stock being held in check by, what I presume to be "strong sentiment with bondholders" who choose to either own the company or rape it.

    This I find unethical.

    If you're going to step up to the plate and render an opinion here, at least use facts and intelligent insight. Otherwise, don't cowl under the "short and distort" banner.

    Using your brain is therefore not an option, but a requirement.

    And Duno,

    I can appreciate your "strong buy" sentiment on what this stock "should be", but until such a time that 500,000 share days are a habit and not a one day wonder, I will maintain a hold. Why? Because only volume will bring us to the value of the stock. Low volume is the playground of groans, Ryder, Davey and the RRs.

    What would bring volume up?


    But then we'd need leadership.

    Here's a pregnant question for you:

    Let's say they pull off the 250tpd. What will COIN need in PRs beyond that point to fetch positive analyst ratings?

    My answer: Guidance.

    Why haven't we received guidance? My guess is they got so far into the hole that defensiveness, obscurity and ass-covering became the new company vision. Let's hope it's not been translated into the mission.

    Name one CEO/COB/God that's ass-covered and made it. Just one.

    I hope you're reading this Mr. Gildea. We need answers and most of all GUIDANCE. After all, WE OWN YOUR COMPANY AND YOU WORK FOR US, PERIOD.


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