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  • basherdetector basherdetector Jul 22, 2009 12:28 PM Flag

    ATTENTION: Put The Bashers on Ignore !!!


    Just to let everybody know, that we have a nasty basher infestation on this board. Which as you probably know means that the stock has potential to make buyers money !!

    You will probably have seen that Ryder/RemoDawg floods the board with lots of new messages everyday in a futile attempt to bury serious conversion.

    He also attempts to spread doubt under a multitude of aliases to any positive COIN messages that are posted. This ongoing negative message posting behavior is equivalent to a paid basher. Whether he is one in real life, is irrelevant.

    In fact, there are three posters that are working together to bash COIN regularly: remodawg, daveyw43, and riverrat321

    RemoDawg/Ryder is the worst offender by far, as you have no doubt observed.

    Everything they post always, without exception, always turns out to be unfounded nonsense.

    So, ignoring them is the right thing to do. They can't effect the stock, only your own investment decisions if you listen to their insane ramblings.

    For your sanity, please put remodawg, daveyw43 and riverrat321 on ignore !!

    This topic is deleted.
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