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  • tech.nicole tech.nicole Jan 9, 2010 9:29 AM Flag

    For those of you who are new to this board.

    Now, this may seem like a typical stock message board on Yahoo, but this is where the twist comes in. in the last few months there has been one self proclaimed short, know to all as Ryder. For all practical purposes, he or them, have take over the message board for Converted Organics. For almost every positive note on the board, he adds his message of doubt or disbelief, a classic tactic for spreading fear and doubt. He has at the least 12 known Yahoo IDs and several others that are suspect, changing them from time to time because people either place them on Ignore, or he uses his other aliases to strike up a conversation with himself, sometimes even arguing different points of a question. There are so many twists and turns to this person and his/her multiple Yahoo IDs, that is hard to believe there is just one person behind all of them.
    Some of the Yahoo IDs that are used: Truth.Ryder, Ryder_Cup_Fan, Ryder_Cup_Fan_2, Truth_Justice_And, CoinRyder, Due_Diligence_Dog, ryder4coin, remoadog, remoadog1, Rebecca_De_Herrera, grandolepotty, marion06606, grannysixfibber, and daveyw43 just to name a few. The main reason the board knows that these are all Ryder’s IDs is because from time to time this person slips up and actually admits to them being his/her ID.
    Now, one can tell this person has experience doing what he or she or they are doing, by taking a obscure matter, and twisting it to try to make something obvious out of the subject matter. Once again, in some cases he does this by having a conversation with himself using one of the many IDs listed above. The person is great at spreading doubt, in this case about Converted Organics, and boasting about what he is doing , taunting and challenging others to prove him wrong. Simply said, he is able to words things in such a way that he spreads doubt, even in such a way that he is asking those on the message board to prove that Converted Organics is producing a product. Now, if you are new to this message board, one might think that the questions this person has asked are normal. But, when you back to the message board older post from this person, and all the of responses that were given and information available through Converted Organics website, my opinion person is trying real hard to discredit Converted Organics, and as he/she has claimed to be a short of stock, this person is doing so for their personal gain. This is my opinion and I could be wrong.
    My guess is that this person know as Remo is really someone who has something against an individual in this company or related to this company and is doing his or her best to defame the company.
    Once again, this person or persons (who we really don’t know his or her real name) are what give short sellers and the process of shorting stocks a bad name.
    Anyway, at your leisure, and for a good laugh, visit Yahoo Message Board for Converted Organics (COIN).

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