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  • templario_one templario_one Feb 20, 2010 3:53 AM Flag

    My bets for next week is 1,20$ by wednesday

    Just before earnings release i think it could go to aprox 1,50-1,60$.
    If earnings are fair, we may see a consolidation at those levels and ready to move forward. The key here is the second quarter, which could be a really impressive one due to product exposure and visibility. You can call me crazy, but this could go easily to 5$ in 8-12 months. As usual, glta whether you are long or short.

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    • there will be NO earnings! you want less losses! I doubt that will occurr. they have spent alot of money with their new found fortune. just hope it has been well spent. there will be no more funds comming, no more well to go to. they have to turn it around now. time will tell.

    • And nice chart over 2 years time with highs at 10$.,r14,ss&c=

      Check the last weekly white candle and compare it with previous history. According to history, we will see another large weekly white candle along this week, accompanied by a RSI over 50 and stockastic moving to highs. Macd seems positive as well.

      This week, we should see 1,28$. It the stock surpasses that level, it could move towards the second barrier, which is 1,59$. Next level should be 2,55$ and then it is 4$.

      My opinion and hope is that COIN will surpass 1,28$ and use this level to consolidate as rsi and stockastic moves down (so, we could see a maximum at around 1,40$ or so). It could stay around those levels until next impulse, which could be due in 1 month time or so (which will be possible the earnings release). So, everything matches for me here. In two months, if earnings are fine, we could be back to 2$ easily.

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