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  • blue1point blue1point Mar 10, 2010 7:17 AM Flag


    I have never heard it before. But I am truly fascinated by this wonderful expression - is it COINs copyright? Do you think it is also a part of COINs intelectual property?

    go coin

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    • I love COIN every time they takes on more fish liquid ferterlizer connection, liquid ferterlizer is easy to use for garden, grass ... and getting the result so fast. It is wonderful ferterlizer period and unique (not smell).

    • Little Mickey today forsook his long standing relationship with Old Granny's White Lighting and announced he would only consume Jim Beam Bourbon in the future.

      "Better whiskey will lead me to better ideas.", said Mr. Haberman over a tumbler full of Jim Beam at a local tavern with whom he also has a longterm tactical relationship. Little Mickey assured all fans of his boring, repetitive posts that he anticpates no shortage of Jim Beam products and will reach new depths given this tactical relationship.

      (For those unfamiliar with tactical relationships, they come into play when a strategy is set and the relationship is to further that strategy. For example when a garbage to fertilizer company adds new garbage from a new vendor to the list of its garbage pick ups. Actually in the case of COIN, this is a second generation tactical relationship since Filco (the garbage hauler), (a first generation tactical relationship is the one that got a new stop for its garbage truck) Sort of like a second cousin you see.

      ABOUT LITTLE MICKEY: A 55 year old Compulsive Personality Disorder survivor and Dawg Impersonator, Mr. Haberman also has tactical relationships with many state and federal disability programs since 2001. Mr. Haberman is a charter member and frequent spokesman for the Racists Radical Right Wing, Reactonary Malcontents of Dixie.

      Even as a child, Mr. Haberman showed promise winning his middle school spelling bee (though This victory was marred by controversy when his girfriend Fat Becky, the whore was alleged to have been found to have been mouthing the answers)

      ABOUT JIM BEAM: Jim Beam, the originator of char barrel aged bourbon whiskey has been serving drunks and malcontents its fine products since the 1780. Its parent company, Fortune Brands (FO) is a member of the NYSE.

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