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  • vrtgfd vrtgfd Jul 3, 2010 11:03 PM Flag


    Today is my last post...
    My only intention was to help with something or prevent you from some losses. My posts or somebody else post doesn't help to move COIN's performance and price. Institutions do not pay attention to this yahoo board.
    At least if you thought I was a basher, I wasn't. I was trying to help based on some tools, statistics, experience and facts, because it was obvious at some point.

    So I am leaving officially this board. Money is not everything. You will never see my comments anymore. Bye to everyone: longs and shorts.

    Remember, At least I was trying to help you

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    • Bye My Brother - I will see you on the next board....

    • Bye from George and the Continentals. Me too. You fourght the good fight. Lizzie was your main opposition and he's crazy

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      • For all lonely, delusional, demented, narcissistic beings out there.......


        George Harrison -- The Wondeul Man You Know as Remo
        14-Nov-07 10:59 am

        I'm very sad to inform you that my beloved husband of 27 years, George, passed away very unexpected about 10 pm last night of a massive heart attack.

        The good news within the bad is that Georgie was sharp of mind as ever to the bitter end as well as physically active and apparently healthy till hours before the end. Indeed, we were taking one of our freqent after dinner bik e rides when the initial much minor heart attack took p lace.

        You may wonder why I write of this here at all and particularly so soon after his passing. I've long known t hat George spent many enjoyable hours a week on the KKD web site and that of another stock making both amusing and serious posts. His activities particularies his comic ones and observation of other were often the subject of conversation.

        When I was with George at the hospital last evening a nd hopes were bright for a full recovery, George ever t he warm person who cared so much about other people and was to his last days involved in philantropy told me t hat if anything happened to him to (among other things) let the friendly acquaitinces and others on this Krispy Kreme board know why he was missing and wish them all best wishes and good fortune.

        George was a brilliant and truly wonderful man. I, hi s children, and countess dear friends will miss him en normously.

        Any who might think to respond with words of condolence, Please do not. I am not a stock person. I expect in time I will close out the position in our joint account as well as any others I may find in his personal accounts as well as any other positions in other stocks not the blue chip stocks he always favored. I will not rea d nor write to this board again.


        Mr. Yvette Dumond Harrison

1.04-0.06(-5.45%)Feb 5 3:59 PMEST